Introducing our game-changing eco monosuit — the number #1 jumpsuit in the world and a remarkable blend of design and functionality that's here to shake up the fashion world! Get ready to fall in love with these incredible features:

MONOSUIT's Commitment to Sustainability:

Regenerated yarn:

The brand utilizes ECONYL® regenerated yarn derived from ocean waste, implements a zero-waste policy, and incorporates antibacterial impregnation in its products.

The brand's mission:

The brand's mission is to revolutionize the fashion industry through circular design principles and a shift towards zero-waste production.

Innovative Design:

MONOSUIT has patented restroom-friendly "smart" monosuits with smart zippers located at the lower back for convenience and style.

The fashion industry is one of the top 3 polluting industries in the world.

Fashion's Carbon Footprint:

Accounting for around 10% of global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and shipping combined, the fashion industry significantly contributes to climate change.

Water Pollution and Consumption: 

This sector is also a prime water polluter and consumer. Roughly 20% of worldwide industrial water pollution stems from textile treatment and dyeing, while the industry's annual water consumption hits an incredible 1.5 trillion liters.

Waste Crisis:

Fast fashion contributes to a massive waste issue. Each year, it creates over 100 billion clothing items, many of which end up in landfills or oceans, aggravating environmental problems.


Imagine a one-piece jumpsuit with hidden zippers on the backside – you’ll never have another awkward frustrating moment in a restroom again! You can have that convenience with MONOSUIT. Our jumpsuits are incredibly comfortable. Our patented secret zippers in the lower back solve many practical issues around wearing a one-piece in everyday life, making our jumpsuits versatile and functional.

ZERO waste:

MONOSUIT captured the hearts of such stars like Madonna, Elon Musk's mother, Kylie Jenner, and even Paris Hilton, who's collaborating with us on our new collection starting June! My groundbreaking design has graced the pages of Forbes US, Vogue Paris, L'Officiel, The Cut Vanity Fair, and countless others.

Ocean Waste Material:

Saving the planet never felt so good! Made from ocean waste, our monosuit is unbelievably soft, comfy, and eco-friendly. Say goodbye to the old "buy-wear-dump" paradigm, and embrace our zero-waste, circular production system—"buy-wear-recycle into a new item"—that disrupts the fashion industry's notorious pollution habits.

Automated Seamless Production:

We stand up to sweatshops! Our cutting-edge automated production guarantees a top-quality, long-lasting product while minimizing manual labor and promoting fair working conditions.

Patented Restroom-Friendly Zippers:

We've got your back (literally)! Our genius, patented lower back zippers solve the age-old problem of restroom breaks in one-piece garments—talk about a game-changer!

Unique Designs and Versatility:

Unleash your inner fashionista! Our monosuits boast fabulous designs and prints, perfect for adapting to any environment, mood, or style. This versatile base layer can be rocked with dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, bags—you name it!

Hypoallergenic Fibers:

Sensitive skin? No problem! Our high-performance hypoallergenic fibers ensure you can flaunt our monosuits without any worries.

4D Stretchy Fit:

Embrace your body! Our monosuits' 4D stretchy fit caters to all body types, providing unbeatable comfort for everyone.

Thermal, Breathable, and Antibacterial Properties:

Cozy, fresh, and clean! Our monosuits come with thermal, breathable, and antibacterial features, making them the ultimate comfy and hygienic wardrobe staple.

So, buckle up, fashion lovers — our extraordinary eco monosuit is here to be your true "second skin" and an essential must-have in your wardrobe!